Healthy Lifestyle Gifts For The Holidays

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Corporate Gifting & Bonuses In Your Small Business

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Holiday Activities in December For Livonia, Michigan – 2017

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Holiday Decorations…Budget Buster or Family Cheer?

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Purchasing Decisions…Is A Deal Really A Deal?

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Make Your List And Check It Twice…Or Three Times!

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Halloween Savings Ideas For Your Family

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Shopping Online? Does It Cost You Or Save You?

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Looking Forward To November Activities in Livonia!

I am so excited for the community activities in Livonia for this November! We are looking forward to some great ones as we kick off the holiday season. Our community has so much to offer and [...]

November Budgeting – Don’t Forget These!

There are certain seasonal costs that can come up in any given month. When I set up my monthly budget I try to figure out what’s most important to include. I try not to forget about [...]