Bookkeeping is an integral part of your success! Whether you run your own business or have a manager that operates it with you – it is essential that one of your main goals is to achieve the best economic growth from the resources you have available.

With that being said some key functions of running a business are:
– Leading – involves coaching, caring, assisting, troubleshooting, motivating and communicating with your team.
– Organizing – schedules, marketing plans, inventory, and supplies.
– Controlling – and managing customer experiences, the culture of the company and human resources.
– Staffing – this includes all employee resource allocation duties including hiring new team members, evaluating performance, training and development.

More behind-the-scene operations include:
– Managing finances and accounting – This is where Jay and the team at Numerico can really help you. These services include controlling cash flow, tracking expenses and consulting every step of the way.
– Payroll processing – Numerico PC will help you find the payroll service provider that suits your needs for the least amount of money.
– Insurance – Between employee insurance, workers comp insurance and hazard insurance they must be researched and managed to make sure all areas of your business are covered.
– Technology – There are many questions that need to be answered, including: “What software should I use?” “What type of computers should I buy?” “How do I develop a relevant website and a social media plan?”
– Human Resources – Adhering to human resource laws such as labor laws, hourly wage laws, termination and hiring laws, unemployment regulations and foreign and immigration policies is extremely important. The laws, policies and regulations all need to be understood and adhered to. It is an excellent business practice to have an Employee Handbook stating your policies and disciplinary actions so that everyone involved in your organization understands the stipulations that go with their employment.
Facility management and upkeep – If you have a facility, office or plant it will be necessary to do maintenance as issues arise, but it is also smart to do routine maintenance and tune-ups, especially on heating and cooling or any other technical equipment your business uses.

There are many aspects to running a business and it can be nearly impossible for one person to do it with excellence. It is important to know what to delegate and what to keep in your control and under your watch. Calling on professionals who have a specialty or area of expertise can be a great idea when it comes to things that are out of your scope. Choosing the right professionals to help you and knowing when to do so are the most vital decisions you make as a business owner. Let the experienced team of advisers and consultants at Numerico PC guide you through many of the processes of owning your own company!