jayJay Kossen, President & Lead Certified Public Accountant

Jay has been a part of the Numerico team as a Certified Public Accountant since 2001. In 2015 he became the President and Lead Associate. He started in the industry in 1998 and has previously held positions at Habitat for Humanity and the Internal Revenue Service. Jay offers common sense solutions and advice. He is knowledgeable and approaches every unique financial situation with longevity.  His main goal is to offer his clients practical advice and help them to build a strong financial future for years to come.

Jay excels at helping clients with work in multi-state jurisdictions, including Puerto Rico.  This includes extensive expertise in multi-state taxation and business and tax consulting.  Jay was drawn to this industry knowing that each day would be very different from the rest and that each day would offer various opportunities to grow and impact people’s financial trajectory.  One of his goals is to universally help people and small businesses turn their financial situations around.

Many remark that Jay is exceptionally bright and well-read. When Jay says something, he means it and has thought it through. His communication is always prompt and deliberate. If he had to choose another profession he would have been a history teacher. In his limited time outside of work he enjoys reading and exercising. One of Jay’s mantras is “Knowledge is Power.”  Some of the best advice he has been given is to choose a job he loves, because then he would never work a day in his life.

One of the most impactful lessons Jay has learned, is that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  This is why he strives to make every client feel that a true difference and improvement has been made in their business and personal life by his service. He focuses his time on offering complete business advisory services – taking into account where people are at in their situation right now, where they want to be and how he can help them get there.

ryanRyan Gregory, Accountant

Ryan joined the Numerico team in 2015 with an Accounting & Finance degree from Kent State University. He had a great mentor and example from the very start…his dad. A well-respected accountant of 35 years. With his dad’s inspiration, he knew he wanted to be an accountant since middle school! Ryan is extremely disciplined and has a knack for making things more efficient. This quality lends well to smooth and trustworthy client communication, something Ryan knows is vital to a great relationship.

He lives and breathes accounting and hockey. As an All-State hockey player in high school, and 2-time All-American in college, it is no surprise that if he wasn’t an accountant, he would be a goalie coach. He lends his coaching abilities and time to lead local youth and high school hockey organizations. Ryan claims he didn’t achieve those titles due to a natural talent. Instead he worked diligently and was extremely disciplined. He watched the movie RUDY dozens of times and believes that the moral of RUDY’s story inspired his endless work ethic and transformation in to who he is today. Ryan believes that as long as you have a willingness to learn and work hard, anything is possible.

Ryan’s communication skills and perseverance are notable to his success. He looks forward to forming significant relationships with clients and helping them to achieve their financial goals. He wants to lead and help others to be better, because in return, he will become better. Ryan is looking forward to the challenge of becoming a CPA and will be spending as much time as he can fit in at his family’s cabin in Northern Michigan.

AshleyAshley Jackson, Accountant

Ashley graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn with her Masters in Accounting in 2015. She has been on the Numerico team since 2014 and previously worked at UHY as an intern for 2 tax seasons. Ashley is very interested in the whole picture. She decided accounting was right for her when she took an accounting class in high school. She loved how everything felt like a puzzle and there was always a correct solution. She decided her junior Year that she would pursue this field. This was despite her parent’s warning that it would be “too boring.”

She doesn’t find it boring at all! She truly enjoys the process and prides herself on complete and accurate work. Ashley loves that each day presents a new challenge. The variety of work and opportunities are abundant at Numerico and in the accounting field. There is always something new to learn and always a supportive team to learn from. Ashley loves all types of accounting work, but really appreciates helping a client with every step of their accounting. This includes monthly accounting, quarterly financial statements and quarterly and annual taxes. She specializes in preparing tax returns for S Corporations and analyzing the impact they have on the individual return.

If Ashley wasn’t an accountant, she would be a journalist. She hasn’t traveled very much yet, but looks forward to traveling to France and the United Kingdom in the future. Ashley also likes to spend time with family and friends, shop, and bake. She aims to surround herself with encouraging people who focus on the bright side. Ashley’s positive attitude and cheerfulness set her apart in this field. She looks forward to helping more and more small business owners who are passionate about what they do. An important thing she has learned, is that if you aren’t happy, make a change! No matter how difficult it is to do, something better will work out. One of her favorite quotes is, “Facing it, always facing it, that’s the way to get through. Face it.” – Joseph Conrad

SarahSara Sunday, Accountant & Administrative Assistant

Sara has studied history and sociology at both the University of Michigan Dearborn and Central Michigan University. She loves coming to work because it is interesting, her coworkers are amazing and the atmosphere is always positive. Although she doesn’t have traditional experience in the field, she has loved learning and her attention to detail has been key to her success. She has always loved math and is a natural problem solver. The team at Numerico has been instrumental in training and guiding her. She is grateful for their investment in her skill set.

She excels at accounting for rental properties and bookkeeping and enjoys doing monthly accounting for many types of businesses. Sara has a great attitude and catches on to things quickly. She has been very hands-on and is willing to ask the hard questions it takes to master new things.  A lesson most important to her is to be open to new or different ways to accomplish something. Just because you understand it fully, doesn’t mean you can’t learn to do it better. Improving upon methods and learning new things is vital to success.

When a client is working with Sara and the Numerico team, she wants them to feel comfortable to be open about concerns and expectations. She wants them to be relaxed and have relief that their business or personal matters are being handled by a team that wants to see them succeed and is helping them to do so. She strives to help people improve upon their existing situations while giving them quality and timely service.

Sara’s favorite quote is “Be kind. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” This lends to her empathy and helpfulness in this field. Her favorite place to travel to is England, and she loves visiting friends there. It’s especially wonderful because you don’t have to worry about a language barrier, and thanks to the train system you can visit and explore other parts of Europe. One of her favorite book series is Harry Potter. She has drawn many life lessons. They include everything and everyone are not what they seem, family is not always related by blood and you should never pretend to be something you aren’t. She also loves to go to trivia nights with friends and participate in charity events like Relay for Life. Staying active and spending time with her nieces are both high on her priority  list. She admires many people for their positive characteristics and finds inspiration in them.


Gary Field, Founder

In 1980, Gary founded Numerico PC in order to provide clients an exceptional and personalized experience they could not find somewhere else.  He became a CPA in 1974 and immediately began working for Price Waterhouse, who at the time was one of the ‘Big 8’ accounting firms.

By 1998, Numerico had outgrown its original office and Gary built the current building with two additional suites. Gary was unlike many accountants because he knew that there was much more to accounting and financial services then crunching numbers.  He wanted each and every client to feel like they were in great hands and that they were always his priority and focus.  Gary was interested in your whole story, not just what your books said.

Gary was proud of each and every one of his associates at Numerico.  He always knew his clients were in good hands no matter who they interacted with. Gary’s mantra in business was “We are here to serve.” This mantra remains an integral part of Numerico and his legacy lives on in the service we provide to our clients.