Paying taxes comes once per year for most of us. Tax preparation happens ALL year. An excellent tax advisor will help you with tax preparation and planning at any point you need it. Advice is not something you should have to ask for. They should help you understand your tax deductions and your tax burden. They should help you know what you may be eligible for and how to account for deductions. Why go to a shopping mall to get your taxes done? Know a lady? We ALL know a lady. That doesn’t qualify them to advise you through one of life’s most expensive ventures. We will guide you through your planning, your tax preparation and ways to improve or manage your taxes for next year.

Why hire an accountant for your tax preparation?

We will provide you with a list of what documents you will need for the tax season. If you have a small business, the same firm should complete your personal and business taxes. There are different tax due dates for personal and business taxes. There are also carry overs from personal and business taxes depending on your corporation type. The tax code is huge and changes all of the time. We stay up to date on all of the tax laws, new information and deductions. Your taxes will be done right, on time, the first time.

Tax preparation isn’t over the second you push submit….there is always next year. We are also prepared to stand by you should any questions or audits arise from the IRS. Our experience and reputation within the Detroit Metro Area, state and Midwest speaks for itself. We want you to join the Numerico Family. Give us a call and let us help you with your tax preparation and planning. We would love the opportunity to  prepare your personal taxes and advise you to live your best financial life going forward!