In order for any strategy to work, there needs to be a plan. There is no difference when it comes to tax strategies and planning for your family. It is important to look at every aspect of the plan and decide what the best route will be. The tax experts at Numerico know that tax law is not very glamorous. Thus it is not on the top of everyone’s “must-know” list. That is why they will help you understand the applicable tax laws in place now and the applicable tax laws coming in to play in the future. Then together, you can plan the best strategy for tax savings and minimizing your tax burden.

Taxes Matter For Your Family

The accountants at Numerico are great at explaining new tax laws in laymen terms and how they affect you. They know what kind of exemptions you should be claiming and what you should be claiming for the best tax advantage. They take a broad view when it comes to your financial picture, and focus not only on the current year but many years ahead.

Another crucial factor is your estate plan and how that affects your tax savings and tax planning. President and Lead CPA at Numerico, Jay Kossen says “many times people drop the ball on estate planning”. It is not very fun to plan for your death but the tax implications of not planning can be devastating. An estate without an estate plan can expect to pay 45 cents on the dollar above and beyond what is would cost if there was a plan in place.

With hundreds of satisfied clients across Michigan, the Midwest, the US and internationally, Jay and his team of expert tax advisers, estate planners, consultants and accountants strive to be your global financial gurus. They will consistently lookout for you and the best way to minimize your taxes and strategize for your family’s financial success!