5 Common Business Accounting Mistakes

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At Numerico, we know that in-depth business accounting and tax preparation can be complex for business owners to maintain. On top of balancing your professional life with your personal life, you have to include balancing your books in your list of to-dos.

As a team of certified accountants in Michigan, Numerico aims to provide tailored personal and business accounting and tax preparation services that are accurate and timely.

Failing to maintain your accounting books adequately can lead to severe penalties and fines. Learn more about five common business accounting mistakes that business owners make and how Numerico can help you avoid making these mistakes.

Not Keeping Track of Transactions & Business Cash Flow

One of the most common business accounting mistakes is not keeping track of your business transactions and cash flow in detail. Balancing payments, expenses, and tracking due invoices is part of effectively managing and growing your business.

Practical accounting means business owners need to track every transaction they make, whether they receive incoming payments from due invoices or send outgoing payments to keep your business functioning (utilities, payroll, and other essentials).

Professional accountants and CPA firms like Numerico can help you discover cost-effective methods of accurately tracking transactions and modulating your cash flow to stimulate your business growth.

Failing to Keep Accurate Records of Receipts and Expenses

Another common mistake business owners make is failing to keep accurate records of their business receipts and expenses. You might think you have a good handle on your records, but it’s easier to slip up than you might expect.

This accounting failure often results from combining personal and business purchases on the same receipt to save time or using your personal banking account as your business account. These poor accounting actions can work against you.

Let the professionals at Numerico help with your small business tax preparation by relying on their expertise in keeping accurate records of the appropriate receipts and expenses.

Ignoring the Importance of a Good Bookkeeper

A good bookkeeper is essential in maximizing your approach to your small business taxes. Experienced and certified bookkeepers know the ins and outs of the financial world and offer these skills to organize, improve, and make the most of your business’s financial situation.

Business owners shouldn’t ignore the valuable, money-saving contributions and advice that a skilled bookkeeper can provide.

The risk of spending more unintentionally and incurring penalties and fees is more costly than bringing in an accounting expert to handle your bookkeeping needs. You can delegate your workload and trust local, certified professionals with this necessary business accounting task.

Not Keeping Up with Tax Law & State Regulations

Business owners might not be aware of the various changes in tax law and the state regulations that govern how businesses operate. Some laws and regulations can change unexpectedly and without any direct notice to affected businesses.

A certified CPA can stay on top of these changes in tax law and state regulations for you. Their valuable knowledge helps prevent expensive misunderstandings or miscalculations in tax preparations.

If your business operates in more than one state you might need to follow the mult-state tax compliance laws too. Need help? Our team at Numerico can handle the situation to make sure all your small business taxes are filed properly.

As a hardworking business owner, you don’t have enough time to learn about new tax laws or regulations continuously. You’re busy with other details that demand your full attention. Let an expert in accounting handle these intricate financial details.

Not Filing Taxes on Time or at All

While tax payment deadlines are often frustrating, business owners should always do their best to file their taxes on time. The potential penalties for late filing or not filing at all can have long-term financial repercussions that significantly impact business owners professionally and personally.

You can bring in an affordable accountant now to help track all of your taxable incomes and discover valuable deductions and expenses that can make all the difference for your business. Utilizing expert year-round financial accounting and bookkeeping services will make tax time feel effortless.

Numerico | Helping Local Businesses Avoid Common Business Accounting Mistakes

The best way to avoid making common business accounting mistakes with your business is to hire a professional business accountant. You can rely on the professionals at Numerico to help you get a better handle on your business finances and adequately prepare your business for the upcoming tax season.

Do you need a personal or business CPA in Livonia, MI, Plymouth, Canton, or other nearby Michigan communities? We’re ready to provide the accounting services your business requires. Contact Numerico at (313) 278-8030 and schedule a business accounting consultation with our affordable and reliable CPA professionals today.

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