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If you’re an individual or small business owner in need of expert accounting services, make sure to choose the team that has a proven track record. Numerico is the most trusted CPA near Plymouth, MI. 

We specialize in both small business and personal accounting services. We have an accounting team with a broad range of expertise and offer a full suite of accounting services to meet your specific needs. 

If you’re searching for an accounting partner dedicated to the success of your family or business, our team at Numerico is the best option for a CPA near Plymouth, MI. As a locally operated accounting firm for 40 years, our priority is ensuring our clients succeed financially.

Small Business Accounting Services

If you own or operate a small business, it’s essential to use an experienced accountant to manage your tax and finance obligations. Outsourced accounting services like the ones you’ll find at Numerico, can help you focus on the components of your business that matter most. 


Small business tax preparation can be incredibly complex. Our experienced CPA team can help you avoid taxation issues and increase your available capital. 


Whether you’re looking for general small business bookkeeping services or professionals with QuickBooks near Plymouth, MI, our team can help. We can assist with bookkeeping services for various types of small businesses near Plymouth, MI, and help you increase your efficiency. 


If you need assistance growing your business or solving challenging issues, our consulting and advisory services can help. Numerico can also help you with starting a business or selling a business too.


If your business operates in multiple jurisdictions, it’s critical to use a small business tax expert with experience in multi-state tax compliance. We can help you ensure you’re compliant in every region you operate within. 


Whether you’re buying a business or preparing to sell your business, using a professional valuation service is the best way to protect your financial interests during a transaction.


If you’re ready to start a new company, our team can streamline the process and ensure you have a seamless start to your next venture. 

Personal Accounting Services

For Plymouth, MI individuals and families, using an experienced CPA can help you maintain control of your finances. Our team of personal accounting experts provides a broad range of personal accounting services to clients throughout the area. 

Personal Tax Preparation and Advisory

Preparing personal tax returns is no easy task. If you want to save time and avoid taxation issues, our team can take care of the entire process. Let us help you get more out of your annual tax return. 

Estate Planning and Elder Care

Our estate planning and eldercare professionals help clients plan for their future. By taking care of your affairs in advance, you can reduce unwarranted stress in your later years. 

Charitable Donations

We help our clients plan charitable donations that also help reduce tax liability. This unique financial strategy enables you to allocate funds to charities you care to support. 

Financial Planning

Using our expert team can help you plan for your financial goals. Whether it be saving for retirement or your children’s college, our comprehensive financial planning service serving Plymouth, MI can help make sure you have the correct plans in place.

Tax Relief

If the IRS is causing problems in your life, our team can help you seek tax relief and restore your financial security. We also provide tax strategies to help you avoid IRS-related tax issues in the future. 

Tax Strategies for Individuals and Families

Planning taxes in advance can help you position yourself for reduced liability. We form comprehensive plans based on your financial circumstances and future goals with our tax strategies for individuals and families. 

Numerico | Your Local Trusted CPA Near Plymouth, MI

If you’re searching for an experienced CPA serving Plymouth, MI, it’s time to contact our team at Numerico. We’ve partnered with individual and small business clients in Livonia, Canton, Dearborn, Van Buren Charter Township, Farmington Hills, Ann Arbor, Madison Heights, Westland, Novi, Northville, Bloomfield Hills, Auburn Hills, MI, and the surrounding communities for more than 40 years. 

We’re always happy to speak to prospective clients about how we can help with your tax questions. Contact us directly at (313) 278-8030 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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