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At Numerico, a CPA near Westland, we offer expert small business and personal accounting services to clients in Westland and the surrounding Michigan communities. We help Westland residents prepare taxes, plan for the future, access tax relief, and more. 

Our team is the region’s industry leader. With over four decades of success under our belts, we know what it takes to offer reliable and professional accounting services to our clients. Our priority is to provide accurate and timely accounting services in Westland, MI.

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Small Business Accounting Services

For small business owners that require accounting expertise, our outsourced business accounting services offer affordable solutions for complex problems. We can help your small business tackle a variety of different financial challenges.


Small business tax preparation can consume valuable time. If you want to outsource the process of preparing your tax returns, our small business accounting services near Westland can help.


Accurate and diligent bookkeeping is critical to any successful small business. At Numerico, we provide industry-leading bookkeeping services near Westland, MI. If you’re searching for a QuickBooks partner near Westland, MI, we’re the perfect partner.


If your business is facing challenges, our consulting and advisory services provide commercial expertise. We understand the Westland economy and can help you improve the financial health of your business.


It’s not easy to navigate multiple tax jurisdictions when operating a business in multiple states. If you conduct business across state borders, Numerico can help you remain compliant.


A strong business plan can make a world of difference. We offer business planning and valuation services to help our clients expand confidently.


As the most trusted small business CPA near Westland, we can help you form a new business when you’re ready to embark on your next project.

Personal Accounting Services

Our personal accounting services allow our Westland clients to take control of their finances. As a CPA near Westland, MI, we’ve helped countless local individuals achieve their financial goals.

Personal Tax Preparation and Advisory

Personal tax obligations are stressful, confusing, and easy to misjudge. As a trusted CPA near Westland, MI, we can help you comply with state and federal tax regulations and increase your annual return.

Estate Planning and Elder Care

Planning for your later years is critical to avoid unwarranted stress. At Numerico we help Westland residents plan their estate and eldercare options.

Charitable Donations

Charitable donations support causes you’re passionate about, but they can also reduce your tax burden. Our accounting services near Westland can help you use donations to increase your tax efficiency.

Financial Planning

Financial planning can help you prepare for the future. Whether it’s saving for your child’s college or ensuring you have enough for retirement, Numerico is here to help.

Tax Relief

If you find yourself unable to meet your tax obligations, you might be eligible for tax relief. Our accountants in Livonia, MI, can help you reduce your tax burden.

Tax Strategies for Individuals and Families

Whether you’re an individual or a large family, using tax strategies can help you reduce your future tax burden. We partner with our personal accounting clients to develop tailor-made tax strategies.

Numerico, PC - Trusted Accounting Services Near Westland, MI

For 40 years, we’ve partnered with clients in Westland. Our team has become the most trusted CPA firm in the region. 

Contact our team at Numerico, PC for the services of a qualified CPA near Westland, MI or to discuss any of the services mentioned on this page. Numerico, PC, is always available to speak with current and future clients.

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