Dollar Store Items…10 Killer Deals To Stretch Your Budget

Many of the items in the local dollar store are actually a bad deal. There are many reasons, but a few of them are poor quality, overpriced, expired or simply because the purchases are unnecessary. Some of the items there would only cost .29 or .49 at your local supermarket. It is important to consider your purchases while shopping at the dollar store and not get caught up in buying just anything.

Dollar Store Winners – Top 10

  1. Stickers and Road Trip Activities: Why pay more? Take a break from the devices and the movies on your next road trip and let your children 3-10 pick up some items from the dollar store. It won’t break your budget and kid’s love to shop for themselves!
  2. Travel Items: The dollar store often has travel-sized toiletries. I have also purchased “throw away” items at the dollar store for traveling like swimming toys or towels for drying off at the beach.
  3. Birthday Cards: These are one of the most amazing deals! A birthday card at Meijer or Hallmark will run anywhere from $3-$8…that is quite the savings at each occasion.
  4. Picnic Supplies: Cups, plates, napkins and more! Don’t pay more for your disposals. This is also great for party supplies or any occasion.
  5. Sunglasses and Readers: Even “cheap” glasses cost at least $5 at the supermarket or convenience store. The dollar store will save you on this one!
  6. Photo Frames: Basic wood or metal picture frames will run at least $5 a piece as well. I was able to save tons of money displaying my wedding photos in frames from the dollar store. You can even embellish them yourself if you are feeling crafty!
  7. Drinking Glasses: There are often basic glassware options at the dollar store.
  8. Holiday Decor: You can find a lot of items to decorate your windows and doors for the season or in celebration of many of the holidays.
  9. Books: You may not find the most popular books of the moment, but you may find a gem in there if you keep an open mind.
  10. Party Favors: Fill your cart with tons of great items for goody bags or as stocking stuffers!

What are you favorite one dollar finds?

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