Employee Contests For Your Small Business

Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box. Hopefully your team is hard working and motivated without this extra encouragement. However, a little contest or incentive never hurt! Employee contests can also be a great way to encourage team work and excitement around your office or small business.

Since it is impossible to cover all the types of contests in one blog entry, today we will focus on what makes up a great contest. It is important that the contest makes sense for the employees and the business and that it is a win-win!

Clear Rules And Goals – Employee Contests

Nothing ruins some friendly competition faster than bickering about the details. The idea is to encourage growth and bring the team together, not to start petty arguments. Appoint someone to be in charge of the contest. The goal should be clear. Such as “most referrals” or “highest increase in sales” – anything that will help your small business grow. There should be clear rules regarding the contest. This would include starting and ending dates, when and how it will be tracked and what constitutes the goal (such as a valid referral must make a purchase within 30 days).

Tracking And Communication – Employee Contests

Although this may seem obvious, it is good to choose something that can be tracked with hard numbers. An example of a contest that cannot be tracked well is “cleanest desk or office” – because the winner would really be chosen by an opinion. The contest should be tracked in a public way. Either make some sort of chart for the break room or employee area or send out a weekly email detailing the progress.

Communication along the way is important. You could even send out suggestions, encouragement, ideas and examples of people’s progress once per week. Don’t announce the contest and expect people to stay motivated. Make sure you hype the contest along the way to get the best results!

Prizes And Incentives – Employee Contests

Some small business owners may stay away from the idea of contests because prizes can be expensive. Get creative with this. There are many prizes you could offer that don’t have a direct cost. Some examples would be additional time off, coupons for coming into work 1 hour late or choosing the music in the office for a month. Another idea is to trade area businesses for goods, services or gift cards. The prize doesn’t need to be grand to excite the masses. Think of something desirable that only you can provide!

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