Five FAMILY Activities To Do With Your Tax Refund – Part 3

This is the last blog entry in our three part series on enjoying or investing your tax refund. First we went over SMART moves to make with your refund (we are accountants after all!) Then we covered some FUN things you could splurge on. Today, we will recommend five family activities to do with those you love!


No. 1 – Adventure Park…Five Family Activities

Adventure parks can be so fun, but they sure do add up. Spending your tax refund on an adventure park is a great way to spend time with the whole family. There are some parks with tree houses, zip lining, rock climbing and more. Do a quick Google search and find the perfect one for your family!


No. 2 – Hotel Stay-cation

This may seem silly, but it was something we loved to do when I was little. My parents would occasionally take us downtown or to someplace not too far away for a hotel weekend. We got to order room service, enjoy the pool, rent movies or a pay-per-view and spend quality time together without the laundry, household chores or “same old” distractions!


No. 3 – Surfing Anyone? Five Family Activities

Surfing may be a little far-fetched for most families living in Michigan, but wouldn’t it be fun? Use some of the money for lessons to learn a new skill! It could be a sport, activity or even a workshop to learn how to build something! You could even take a little weekend trip to learn something new and see a new place.


No. 4 – Vacation Time

Out of the five family activities, this is likely the most predictable option. But, it’s just so good that we have to bring it up. Take a poll and choose a location you have never been to, or use the opportunity for a place everyone dreams about going.


No. 5 – Fun Home Makeover

Here are some ideas for this one:


  • A playscape for your backyard (if that is age-appropriate for your kids)
  • A swimming pool or out door fun area
  • A game room
  • A movie room
  • A total bedroom makeover or technology room



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