Cheers To A Fresh Start – Happy New Year!

Not everyone needs a New Year’s Resolution (and not everyone likes them), but you can always benefit from a fresh start! With that being said, Happy New Year! It is a few hours early, but is said sincerely nonetheless. I used to dis the concept of a New Year’s Resolution. I always felt like if you want to change something, do it. Don’t wait for a Monday, a new month and please, please, PLEASE do not wait for a whole new year.

It always felt like waiting to start something new was also giving myself a free pass for bad behavior (or the bad habit I was trying to break) up until that date or time happened. As I have gotten older (and hopefully wiser), I have learned to cut myself some slack. Sometimes you NEED a fresh start and sometimes you feel stronger on a Monday. on the first of a month or even, at the first of the year. And you know what? Then so be it!

Small Business Growth & Development – Fresh Start

I am truly looking forward to writing about some new small business growth and development goals this winter. I shared some “New Years” tips the other day, but we are going to dive a little deeper into some practices that can really get you going this year. In January, we will launch a six-part series on Small Business Development Goals For The New Year. We aim to give you some direction toward organizing, focusing and growing in 2017.

Personal & Family Financial Goals – Fresh Start

In February, we will move on to focus on personal and family financial goals. Things like saving, budgeting and forming great financial habits. Most great habits are “better late, than never” and this February we will address, “Why not now?”

We wish ALL of our readers and customers a HAPPY New Year! We hope you have a safe and happy night celebrating in whatever way suits you the best…Cheers!

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