In Need of A Personal Accountant? 4 Things You Should Consider

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Do you need a personal accountant to help you manage your finances more effectively? You should consider asking yourself and your potential accountant a few questions before making a commitment.

If you have concerns about your financial security, investing in professional accounting services is essential. Numerico provides cost-effective, accurate, and timely accounting and tax preparation in Livonia, Michigan, and the surrounding communities.

If you are a Michigan resident looking for a certified personal accountant, consider the questions below and then call Numerico to schedule a consultation to discuss how our CPA can help you.

What Type of Accounting Do You Need?

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is what type of accounting you need to better manage your finances.

Some questions to narrow down your choices regarding the appropriate type of accounting for your needs might include:

These are just a few of the questions to help you find a firm that includes everything you’re looking for in financial services that suit your situation. Whether you need simple, short-term accounting or long-term planning, Numerico will meet your needs and budget.

Be sure to ask your potential accountant detailed questions about the services they provide and how accountants might improve your finances with their specific skills.

The Accounting Firm & The Accountant

Many accounting firms offer different types of services, and only a few may suit your financial needs and budget. It is vital to align your choice of firm and your personal accountant with your financial situation and the goals you have for your money.

Some accounting firms are only open for tax season and only offer tax preparation services. Other firms are available year-round and offer a wide variety of accounting services that help you manage your personal income regularly.

You should also know that a portion of accounting firms will focus only on personal accounting, while others may specialize in business accounting. Some accountants have years of experience while others may have new employees that are still learning.

Don’t be afraid to ask specific or direct questions when you need a personal accountant. It’s important to learn about the exact services and availability your potential accountant offers.

Determine an Accounting Budget

You should also consider the amount of money you can realistically apply to financial services. Accounting firms and their accountants will have different approaches to their billing rates and methods that can have a significant impact on your total cost.

Some firms may offer flat rates for specific services, while others will perform work on an hourly basis. Some individuals have very simple financial situations that will require less time to complete than others, while others may have more complex financial situations that require numerous forms.

You should ask your local accounting firms for detailed estimates and quotes to find the best match.

Meeting with Your Accountant

One effective method to find the perfect accountant is to meet with them for your initial consultation. Present your previous tax papers with you and discuss any changes in your income over the last year.

You should also take the time at the meeting to ask the accountant any questions you have about the extent of their services. These can include:

  •     What is their experience level?
  •     Will they represent you in the case of an audit?
  •     Do they use conservative or aggressive tactics?

Tax Preparation in Livonia, Michigan

Reliable and professional personal tax preparation in Livonia, MI can be easy and cost-effective with Numerico. You can trust in the knowledge and expertise of Numerico accountants for all of your financial needs.

Our experienced and fully licensed accountants are ready to provide valuable financial management services that make accounting feel effortless for individuals and businesses residing in Michigan.

Speak with a certified CPA in Livonia, Michigan by calling (313) 278-8030 now. We also provide expert accounting services for individuals, families, and businesses in Farmington Hills, Royal Oak, and other surrounding communities.

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