Financial Adviser – Manage Your Finances Without One

It can be overwhelming to trust yourself with your financial future without the help of a financial adviser. However, it can be done! Here are a few steps you can take to decide if this will work for you.

Educate Yourself To Manage Your Money Without A Financial Adviser

First of all, it’s all about the education. Educating yourself to understand everything it will take to prepare for your future is the most important step. There are many books and podcasts that may be helpful to you. Obviously the internet is a great source of articles, materials and has a plethora of information for any subject you are looking for.

It is key to remember that you should seek advice and information from more than one reputable source. There are many “experts” but there are several approaches that may be best for you and your family. Combining the advice of different gurus may give you a more comprehensive plan, as opposed to reading one book and subscribing to all of the advice of that particular person.

Managing Execution

Most plans are lost in the execution. Even the best laid plans with the greatest intentions fall flat if they are not put into action. When you have a financial adviser they are executing your plans for you. You may meet on a regular or annual basis and give feedback and make adjustments, but they are handling the actual tasks and monitoring your plans. When you manage your finances (think retirement, investments and long-term savings) yourself, you have to be disciplined to take care of these things on your own.

You will need to watch your investments, take into account your budget and make smart adjustments. This is totally do-able, but if you DON’T do it, you will regret it. It can definitely cost you…both figuratively and literally.

Managing Behavior

In addition to executing your plan, you will need to keep your financial behavior in check. A financial adviser will not be there to remind you to keep your spending in check, up your contributions if you get a raise or alert you of new products that would work for you. For this reason, you will need to set up a schedule to manage your finances and stick to it. You will also be responsible for budgeting…for the short and the long term.


We can help you…we have the knowledge and understanding of money to advise you and answer questions you have. In addition, you can be confident we aren’t trying to sell you a financial product or take any money out of your earnings. Now that is a WIN-WIN. Call us today and let us know how we can help you!

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