Numerico | Accountant Serving Southeast Michigan For Over 40 Years

For over four decades, Numerico has served its neighbors through sensible financial planning, estate planning, accounting, and more. Specializing in personal accounting services and small business accounting services, Numerico’s certified public accountant (CPA) will optimize your tax returns.

Searching for an accountant represents an important first step towards saving money, maximizing profits, and protecting your wealth. Our highly professional team will implement the best strategies for success, improving your household or small business’ financial health. Numerico is the go-to solution for all your tax questions and accounting needs.

Meet the Numerico Team

The Numerico team is built with some of the best accountants in the area. They include:

Jay Kossen, President, and Lead CPA: Jay took the lead as President of Numerico in 2015 and continued its emphasis on practical tax solutions for individuals and businesses. Jay specializes in multi-state taxation, consulting clients on tax matters that involve significant planning, several state tax filings, and resolving outstanding tax liabilities.

Ashley Jackson, Accountant: Ashley joined the team in 2014 and has focused on corporate tax filings and their impact on individual tax returns. Ashley enjoys a stellar reputation for her meticulous attention to detail and holistic approach to accounting.

Rebecca Sitler, Accountant: Rebecca has worked in accounting for nearly a decade, specializing in estate planning, guardianships, and related tax issues. Clients marvel at her unwavering dedication to protecting their assets.

Personal Accounting Services Livonia, MI

Numerico offers a full suite of personal accounting services, including:

  • Tax Preparation & Advice: Numerico delivers tax filings optimized to the fullest extent allowed by law.
  • Tax Planning: Our staff stays up-to-date on emerging tax policies and scheduled changes in the law to minimize our clients’ tax liabilities.
  • Tax Resolution: We regularly help clients settle their tax debts, abate penalties, and remove garnishments/liens.
  • Estate Planning & Elder Care: Numerico works with clients to carefully dictate what happens with financial assets during end-of-life scenarios.
  • Financial Planning: We advise clients regarding sustainable investment strategies, asset management, and more.
  • Charitable Donations: Our staff counsels clients on the tax implications of donations made to non-profit organizations.

Small Business Accounting Services Livonia, MI

Numerico specializes in business accounting services for local business owners. Some of our most commonly used services include those found below.

Business Formation: The Numerico team helps its clients strategize about business structures, file the necessary paperwork with regulatory bodies, and maintain good standing with state and federal authorities. We ensure your business runs efficiently and maintains adaptability to changing legal and economic conditions.

Bookkeeping: Numerico offers detailed bookkeeping, analysis, and advice. Most business owners complain that bookkeeping represents the worst part of their job. However, finding creative ways to save money and resolving small business accounting discrepancies sounds like a good time for our helpful staff.

Business Taxes: Our personable staff loves to help clients keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible. Planning for scheduled changes in the tax code and newly passed tax statutes helps clients defer or even reduce future tax burdens. Plus, our tax accountants make sure our clients take advantage of every available tax credit, deduction, and exemption to minimize business taxes.

Numerico | Your Local Southeast Michigan Accountant since 1980

The next time you consider searching for “accountants near me,” turn to Numerico instead. Our friendly, local accounting firm serving Livonia, Ann Arbor, Canton, Plymouth, and the surrounding communities in southeast Michigan has the experience and expertise to increase your home or small business’ financial stability. We’ll help you make money through financial planning, save money on your taxes, and protect that money for the future. 

Follow our most recent blogs, or contact us at (313) 278-8030 to get the most help with your taxes in southeast Michigan. 

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