Three Tips To Kick Off Your Small Business’s New Year!

Today we will go over three tips to start your small business’s new year with a BANG! We will focus on a fresh start and a clean slate to start NEW and BETTER habits. There are always things to do better, even if your small business runs like a well oiled machine. Now is a great time to take a hard look at what you have been doing well, but also where you can make some changes and move forward in growth.

Procrastination – #1 Of Our Three Tips

I am looking in the mirror on this one. No matter how much I embrace being proactive, there are still things I procrastinate on. It doesn’t matter whether you call it “best under pressure” or you actually realize it is procrastination – it effects you and your small business. This is a great time TO JUST SAY NO to your typical procrastination and move on to a good plan that works for you and keep you on the proactive, instead of reactive state of mind.

Refocus On Core Strengths – #2 Of Our Three Tips

Sometimes we get caught up in new promotions and systems and we lose what makes our company what it is. You can call it your core values or a company foundation and culture. Sometimes, it is necessary to refocus and go back to the basics. Get everyone on board and make sure your culture is functioning how it should. The new year is as good a time as any to reset and refocus.

Going For It – #3 Of Our Three Tips

As you sit and make goals for your small business, some of them may seem out of reach. When making goals for my business, I never let what I think is possible dictate what my goals are. It can be hard to brainstorm outside of the box, but that is how some of our best ideas have been thought up. In the past we have come up with far-reaching ideas and made them happen through favors, trades with vendors, borrowing from other companies, learning how to print and design our own materials and even delivering things door to door! Do not let your goals be dampened by perceived lack. Get creative and go for it!

Thank you for exploring our first hot tips for a successful 2017 in your small business! We look forward to serving you over the next year and beyond. Our amazing clients give our business life, and we love sharing in growth and information throughout the year…so thank you!

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