Supporting Small Businesses This Holiday Season

Make your holiday season all about supporting small businesses! Trust me, it’s easy to start doing. Supporting small businesses is important for many reasons:

  • It often energizes your local economy. Although you can still shop small businesses online (away from home), but often you will be shopping right where you live!
  • By purchasing from a small business owner, you support their ability to reinvest in your own community and hire more people close to you.
  • Small businesses and entrepreneurship are an incredibly important part of America’s economy.

How Can I Shop Small? – Supporting Small Businesses

Shopping small is so easy once you start thinking about it and making it a priority! First, get out your holiday gift list and take note of where you can choose and buy gifts locally. If you can’t think of a few stores or boutiques that will fit your needs you can move onto our second and third suggestion.

Second, you can shop small online! Many small businesses or boutiques will ship you something and even offer online shopping.

Third and last, you can shop on sites like Etsy! These artists may not be local to you, but they are small business owners and your purchases make a big impact on their lives. In addition, this helps to promote artisans and creativity!

A Side Effect Of Shopping Small For Gifts – Supporting Small Businesses

Gifts are more than just an exchange of money between friends. Take the extra time to pick out something that will be treasured by those close to you. A great place to start is to choose a unique and quality item from a local store, business person, artist or service provider. Now THAT is a gift that keeps on giving!

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