The automotive industry and spirit run deep! This is especially true in our original location of Dearborn, Michigan. Home to Ford Motor Company and not far from both Chrysler and General Motors. We are very familiar with the automotive culture, climate and tax laws.

Manufacturing & The Automotive Industry

Manufacturing is a wealth producing piece of the pie in our economy, especially in the Midwest. This industry creates everything the world needs to exist using raw parts.  Thus making it one of the most complex parts of the economy. Although manufacturing is much more than auto parts, many businesses are tied to the automotive industry in the Midwest.

Starting a manufacturing business is complex. It involves heavy startup costs and commitment. You may need specialized facilities, equipment and raw materials. Employees may need unique skill sets to complete what would be required. You need to be highly organized. A strong leader will need to manage the steps and tasks you have set out to succeed.

Numerico serves plants, suppliers, testing facilities and a full range of engineering firms. Many challenges have risen over the past decade in these industries. They include bankruptcy, technology and computer updates, outsourcing and rising costs. However, there has also been much to celebrate. This includes growth, stream lining and a highly skilled work force. The landscape has changed many times since they began in 1980. They are prepared to be the right partner for you.

There is no one better to serve you than Numerico. This includes bookkeeping, tax planning and consulting.  You need a strong business strategy and practical solutions to stay ahead of the pack. The team at Numerico will help you set practical goals and operate at your best on a day to day basis. They will help you become a leader in the manufacturing and automotive industry.

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