This is a very unique industry because it sells no tangible goods or products. The Professional Service Industry includes the firms of lawyers, technology companies and advertising professionals. It includes architects, accountants and web design firms. Even financial advisers, engineers and consultants fall into this industry. Basically, any  organization that offer specific knowledge based services.

Starting a Professional Service Firm is a very popular small business startup. Many of these firms start with just one or two people, with very little office space. This provides many advantages. These include lower capital investment due to low supply cost and lack of inventory.

There are challenges with this type of organization. When you are selling expertise and personal service instead of a tangible product, your business is reliant of skilled and qualified employees. These employees must step up to the challenge. Everyone must stay motivated to keep their rates effective and retain clients.

Professional Services – Technology

Technology companies stand out in professional services in this day and age. Growth is often necessary and they have experienced exponential growth over the past two decades.  When the pendulum swings one way, it is sure to swing back. Technology companies that don’t stay on top of their game can see striking declines. No company is invincible. There are many types of technology you may be selling. This includes anti-spy wear, virus protection, web code and search engine prowess. Software is a whole other category. The technology industry is explosive and transparent. It is always exposed to the possibility of extinction. However, the opportunities are abundant and unknown.

Professional Services – Web Design & Internet Services

The web design and internet services industry will continue to evolve with technology as time goes on. Having a website which optimizes the ability for people to search for you and FIND you has become a necessity. It is important to have a trained professional or team who can stay current. Your site must be designed, formulated and marketed so that people will find it.

Internet, web hosting and creative consulting companies are a hot sector of technology that is booming right now.  There are many freelance artists available for companies or individuals to use as well. There are many facets of web and internet technology. This includes designing, building and optimizing websites. Also protecting websites and servers from hacking. Social Media is now integrated to keep a competitive edge for searching.  Startups will continue to launch and running companies will expand. The industry is evolving and it is important to keep up with the pace of the changes.

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