In these tough economic times it can be easy to get behind on paying bills. Paying taxes is no different. If you owe past or present taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, it is easy to get behind. This is unlike a car that can be repossessed, a home that can be lost or a phone carrier that will send you to collections. Your debt with the Internal Revenue Service will never go away or expire. It will continue to haunt you until your take care of it. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to debt with the Internal Revenue Service. There are options for tax relief and Jay and his team of associates and tax experts will guide you through the process.

Types Of Personal Tax Relief

– Disaster tax relief
– Financial hardship relief
– Property tax relief
– Temporary tax relief for a fixed amount of time

Tax relief is something you need your accountant or financial adviser to be well versed in. This isn’t something you want someone to “wing” for you. Tax debt can be crushing and it can change your life and financial course for the worst. Tax debt does not even go away with bankruptcy protection. It is something that needs to be handled with the utmost importance and care. An accountant with past success in tax relief, is the right fit for you. Your future completely depends on it.

Taxes are something we all face, different state’s tax laws vary and circumstances vary greatly when it comes to relief. Numerico knows the tax laws in many different states, including Peurto Rico. They have years of experience in multi-state taxation requirements and compliances. The team of advisers and accountants at Numerico are knowledgeable on all of the current state and federal tax provisions. They are here to serve you in whatever way they can including much needed relief from past taxes.

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