There are currently 10 million seniors that rely daily on others for care. That number is only going to increase. There are 78 million baby boomers aging. There will be a high demand for care. There will be an even greater demand for senior living that meets their standards.

Living facilities for the elderly have several financial objectives. General maintenance, upkeep and cleaning of the facility is key. The homes and rooms will be inspected by anyone considering moving in. There are safety and legal concerns that need to be addressed. They need proper liability insurance and the guidance of a team of professionals. There is the marketing of the facility. Then the day to day operations. We want to help you run your business well by lessening the burden that accounting is for you. We know you need it done right and taken care of promptly.

Senior Living Facilities

There are many types and levels of senior care facilities. An individual’s financial situation often dictates the level and quality of care they can afford. There are more options than ever before. There are many care and nursing facilities offering luxury. This includes beautiful apartments, fitness classes and pools. Baby boomers were raised by the “depression-ist” generation. They were taught the importance of saving for their future. Many have the wealth to invest in a facility with exceptional care. One which is clean and modern, and has a respectful and caring staff.

We have been helping senior nursing facilities with their general bookkeeping for many years. We also prepare tax returns for many senior living homes. This is an area we expect to grow due to the aging population. We can offer sound financial advice if you are thinking of opening a facility. Or maybe you are expanding one that you already own. We would be honored to advise you in this ever growing industry. Maybe your facility is looking for a face lift or preparing for a future endeavor or acquisition. The demand for quality senior living is growing quickly and we are ready to help!

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