Despite popular belief, you don’t need to be incredibly wealthy to seek personal accounting services. In fact, hiring an accountant can help you achieve more wealth in the long run by advising you on sound financial plans and strategies. 

Since 1980, Livonia, MI CPA Numerico has been doing just that. From tax preparation and advisory to estate planning and elder care, we help our clients successfully navigate the many financial situations that arise in the course of a lifetime.

Personal Accounting Services - Numerico

Personal Tax Preparation & Advisory

Between the perplexing legal language and complicated tax forms, it’s possible to make errors that can provoke audits or penalties from the IRS or leave deductions unnoticed. We’ll complete your taxes 100% accurately and help you find deductions to ensure you’re not paying more than you should.

Short & Long-Term Financial Planning

Budgeting your income is crucial. We’ll help you create short-term financial goals with exact dollar amounts for upcoming months so you can cut costs. We can also help with long-term financial planning. Small amounts put away over time assist with bigger projects on top of emergency and retirement funds.

Estate Planning | Elder Care

Numerico can help you address what to do with your net worth after you’ve passed on. Whether you’re trying to figure out guardianship for your dependants, new ownership for your priceless vase, or elder care needs that can coincide with government benefits, count on us for estate planning.

Tax Relief

Is crippling tax keeping you from paying bills or starting a nest egg? The longer you wait, the more interest and fees you have to pay. From temporary tax relief to disaster tax relief, we understand ever-changing tax laws to relieve you of past and present debt.

Charitable Donations

Charitable donations double as a generous act and a tax deduction, seeming like a win-win. However, with many cheating the system, the IRS is demanding appraisals, proof of contribution, and recognizable charitable institutions. Let Numerico lead you through the confusion and avoid penalties.

Tax Strategies For Individuals & Families

The best way to take on your taxes is by having a strategy in play. The Numerico team has a full understanding of the current tax laws, will analyze your recent tax returns, estate, and financial papers. With this, they’ll help you strategize for every saving and exemption possible.


At Numerico, we’re both. Our staff of highly-qualified accountants and certified financial planners are ready to help with any financial need or question you may face. As your trusted advisors, our primary goal is to provide insightful advice that enables you to make informed financial decisions. 

Browse our selection of personal accounting services below to see how we can help and then contact us to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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