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Are you considering selling your small business?

To execute a sale smoothly and profitably, your business’ financial affairs need to be in perfect working order. Numerico’s team of certified accountants can help you make sure everything is as it should be. We provide small business accounting services that reveal the value of your business and ensures you get the best deal possible. 

To find out exactly how we can help you sell your business and even start a new one, contact us today.

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Help with Selling Your Business

There are several good reasons to sell your business. You could do it to raise capital for another venture or because you are ready to retire. Regardless of your reason, Numerico can help to facilitate the process by providing you with the following services.

Consulting & Advisory

Through our consulting and advisory services, you’ll receive professional guidance regarding how to sell your business and ensure compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements. We can also advise you on whether:

  • It’s the right time to sell,
  • There are better options out there than selling,
  • You can get a better deal and how to go about it,
  • Selling is in your best financial interest.


Our bookkeeping services will help you understand the financial situation of your business, enabling you to make the best decision on selling. It’s also a great service for cleaning up your books and getting your accounts in order for a potential buyer.

Tax Strategies

Let us help maximize the profit from selling your business by minimizing your tax burden. Our team can provide you with small business accounting services and 100% legal tax strategies for saving thousands of dollars when selling your business.

To find out how Numerico can help make selling your business the best financial decision you’ve ever made, call today for a consultation.

Recommended Actions When Selling Your Business

Selling your business isn’t something to be done in one quick step. If you want the best deal possible, we recommend performing the following before showing potential buyers your assets:

House Cleaning

If you are selling a place of business and any accompanying physical assets, make sure they are clean and in good working condition. The better their condition, the better the deal you can get. Whether you’re selling a physical building or not, your financial records also need to be clean and intact.

Reduce Expense

By reducing expenses six months before the sale of your business, you can boost its profitability. Highly profitable businesses with fewer debts fetch better asking prices.

Settle Debts

Potential buyers typically offer less if they have to assume a business’ debt. Settle any credit card debts, loans, and other liabilities if you can to boost your business’ value.

Retain The Best Employees

If a buyer is interested in retaining the employees after acquiring your business, you can get a better deal if your current employees are some of the best in the industry.

Verify Your Business' Value

The best time to sell a business is when it is at its most profitable. By offering your business when it is at its peak, you can attract a better price.

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Choosing Numerico ensures you make the best decision regarding selling your business. With us, you can also rest easy knowing there’ll be no discrepancies that might delay or frustrate your business sale.

Our outsourced accounting services will get your business in the best possible shape and ensure you get the best price. We can also help develop a plan that lets you easily transition into new ventures. 

Our team of accountants in Livonia, MI, has assisted several businesses from various industries with making successful and profitable sales. Let us provide you with the same excellent service.

Contact us today for a consultation and to discuss how we can make the sale of your business a stress-free process.

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