Retirement Planning – Saving 

Start your retirement planning  as soon as possible. The most important part is that you do it! The Numerico team can help you craft a retirement plan. They can give you steps to achieve your goals, regardless of your situation. There are three variable to keep in mind. They are saving rates, retirement dates and your spending needs in retirement.

The financial advisers at Numerico will help you understand all you need to know about those variables and some other key factors.

Retirement Planning – Social Security

Workers first become eligible to claim Social Security payments at age 62. However, they will receive a lower check than if they waited until they are older. Age requirements to receive full social security benefits have changed. You may not be familiar with the requirements. The year you were born dictates what age you are eligible to receive full social security benefits. It also dictates other options that are available to you. Good news, the team at Numerico knows all of this information and can help you plan!

Retirement Planning – Medicare

You may decide to retire when you become eligible for Medicare. This is currently at age 65. It is important to understand how Medicare works because it can be different from what you are used to. For instance, if you are a teacher in Michigan your medical coverage is very comprehensive. You can go to almost any doctors, hospitals or specialists you want. With Medicare there are certain restrictions and only certain doctors will accept it.

Retirement Planning – Pick Your Target Age

Once you understand the above factors, you can move forward. It is then time to plan when and how you will retire. No doubt that the later you retire, the less of a burden it will be. The more help you will get by way of earning interest. The Numerico team members are experts at retirement planning. Unlike financial advisers, they do not sell you products. They merely advise you on the best strategies to accomplish your goals. They will help you do the math and compare where you want to be to where you are today. They will forecast your financial situation and how long you may be living on your fixed income. They will take into account inflation, illness and dependents. They will devise a realistic plan that you feel comfortable sticking to. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

As in all successful ventures, the foundation of a good retirement is planning.
– Earl Nightingale

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