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Upwards of 20% of all new businesses fail within two years of opening—65% shut their doors within a decade. How can you make sure you are part of the 35% that stands the test of time?

Successfully running a business has a ton of moving parts including, but not limited to:

  • Strategy
  • Sales
  • Handling Money
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Marketing 

Mastering all of these business operations are key to establishing yourself in the industry and making a profit. Understanding and managing your financials is arguably the most important skill to learn. 

At Numerico, our skilled team of accountants will be able to help your business with all of your accounting needs. The information below is just a few of the things we can help with to make sure your business runs efficiently.


It is crucial to understand the importance of cash flow. Simply put, cash flow is the amount of money coming in and out of your business, and from where.

Cash flow is a key metric to determine the financial health of your business. At Numerico we’ll make sure your cash flow statement reflects that. We help local businesses with the execution of their business plans, which include a cash flow analysis and projections.


We’ve all heard the saying, “it costs money to make money.” For a business, that is exactly the case. An expense is the money you spend in the hopes of bringing in revenue to your company. Below are a couple of types of business expenses:

Accrued Expenses – These are expenses that your business has not paid yet but have been recognized by your accounting team (bonuses, interest payments, future utility bills, etc.)

Operating Expenses – The more typical costs of running your business (rent, marketing, insurance, etc.)

By utilizing the services provided at Numerico, you can get professional advice on your expense report and ensure that all your expenses are tracked. If you don’t account for how much you’re spending, it will be very difficult to track your success and develop a strategy to grow your company.

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Payroll | Payroll Processing | Payroll Services

At Numerico, we provide a wide array of tax services for small business operations, but we also help make sure you have proper systems in place too, like payroll.  Payroll is all the money that you pay to your employees.

We can help explain the advantages and disadvantages of working with professional payroll services. After the pros and cons and determined, we can decide which solution is the best for your business. At Numerico, we aren’t just accountants, but a team to help with your business operations.

Business Consultant | Consulting | Consultation

As a business owner, we all need help getting a second opinion for certain ideas or plans. The role of a business consultant is to give helpful advice and guidance to steer businesses in the right direction. It’s always good to get a set of fresh eyes on your business operations, and a consultation is a great way to do that.

Whether you’re looking for organizational development, workflow improvement, financial management, or any other operations advice, our consulting services provide invaluable insight into how to improve your business.

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Running a business is no easy task. A professional accountant provides an extraordinary amount of value to your business by analyzing your cash flow statement, tracking expenses, advising on your payroll needs, and consulting

As outlined above, we aid in every aspect of running a business. Contact us or call us at 734-359-7811 to start your journey towards running a successful small business!

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