Talent & Organizational Development

Having superstar talent and most importantly, keeping them, comes from very strong and transparent leadership. Development of this talent is crucial. You must develop the skill set of employees by investing in them and nurturing their careers. Organizational development does not happen by accident. Great leaders invest a lot of time planning for this. Without it, there would be a culture that was created out of happenstance and personal feelings.

It is imperative to have a clear cut mission and core foundation. Everyone should know what to expect when they show up to work. Stay true to your values, but be flexible with business strategies to adapt to changes in your industry.  Whether you are a small business or a corporate giant these principles still apply. Our accountants are business advisers experienced enough to help with all aspects of your development.

Operational & Process Improvement

Is your business profitable? Are you running efficiently? Could you bring up the top and bottom line?  Are you staying ahead and gaining market share?  Is your company outdated compared to the competition? Do you need to make more money? Good is fine, but great is so much better!

We can help you with improvements and increasing your income.  We are skilled in helping you identify, analyze and streamline existing processes to meet new goals and growth. We can look at each process and use specific methods and strategies to create results. Accountants should do much more than file your taxes and crunch your numbers.

Turnaround & Restructuring

“If you do what you have always done, then you will get what you have always got.”  Owning a small business comes with very tough decisions. That can include the need to turnaround your company, restructure, start something new or even close.

Jay and the team at Numerico can help you make these tough decisions. They will work with you to see the value in making big changes.  This may include looking at liquidity of assets to improve cash flow management. You may need additional financing or help with managing negotiations. They will be objective throughout their consultation with you. Giving the best advice for you to accomplish your goals or overcome a challenge.  Sometimes being too close to the circumstances or too emotionally invested can inhibit your decision making. The team at Numerico can help you with the development of new habits and smarter systems. They can show you how to waste less and market more efficiently.

Wealth Management

One thing that you can count on is the adventure of life and the many highs and lows there are. Most things don’t go exactly as planned. You may not have the career or lifestyle you thought you would or be married to the person you dreamed about. However, something very special and exciting about life is it can be even better then you dreamed, planned or hoped.

One of the parts of your life that you have the greatest control over is your finances.  How you spend your money, where you spend your money and how much money you save are all in your control.  Development of a financial life you can be part of is something we can help you with. Do the things you want to do, provide for your family and their future and accomplish your goals. Jay and his team are certified independent advisers whose only interest is helping you achieve what YOU want to achieve. They specialize in debt management, wealth management, wealth building and tax relief. They will help you slice, dice and grow your money according to what is important to you now and for the future.

The Development Of Your Financial Legacy

Everyone has one whether you plan for it or not.  If you do not plan for it, things may go poorly for your family and loved ones when you pass. When you do plan it, it can leave a mark on the world for generations to come.  Legacies are not just financial; they are about leaving one of character, strength and wisdom. Leaving a financial legacy with proper estate planning can help your family have a step up – achieving things they may not be able to do on their own.  Maybe it is a higher education or the opportunity for a spring-board that will make the world a better place. Consulting and advisory decisions now, lead to a bright financial future.

Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them. They make the impossible happen.
— Dr. Robert Jarvik


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