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Being a small business owner is a tough job. An owner plays many roles to help their business succeed, but you don’t have to do every job on your own. At Numerico, we believe every small business needs the help of a business accounting firm. Our Michigan tax advisory firm puts our clients’ success first.

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Tax Laws Are Constantly Changing

Navigating taxation laws is difficult. Doing your taxes the wrong way may leave you paying more than your fair share. The IRS might even fine you for incorrectly reporting your taxes.

Tax laws change constantly. That’s why you need Numerico to do the taxes for your small business. We watch for important legislation that alters existing tax laws or creates new rules entirely.

For example, this year, you must pay the latter half of the 2020 Social Security payments the IRS deferred due to COVID-19. The federal government has also increased the deduction amount from 10% to 25% of qualifying charitable donations. Another change is the 100% deduction of COVID-19 sick leave for the first quarter of 2021.

It takes a strong, up-to-date understanding of tax laws to track yearly changes. Without a professional, you may miss tax payments or opportunities to lower your taxes.

Take Advantage of Every Deduction and Credit Available

All the income your business makes after subtracting expenses is taxable. The government doesn’t always make information available about deductions. Therefore, you’ll overpay in taxes if you don’t take deductions into account.

With Numerico’s tax experts, you don’t have to worry about doing your taxes on your own. We manage your account all year long, looking for tax breaks and deductions to lessen your tax liability. We aim to help you put money back into your business, not pay it all in taxes and fees.

Furthermore, tax breaks are in place for family businesses. By hiring family members, you save money on payroll taxes. For instance, if you buy property for your business, a deduction of up to $500,000 is available to you.

Contact Numerico today to learn about more potential deductions. We are a Michigan tax advisory firm that fights to reduce your business’s tax burden.

Professional Help to Turn to

Business ownership entails many challenging decisions every day. Often, a sole proprietor makes these decisions about their business alone or with their business partner’s advice. However, outside professional help might open your eyes to opportunities you never considered or knew of before.

At Numerico, we intensively study your business and its finances. We employ plenty of advisors and professionals who are ready to assist. We help you make informed decisions based on your business growth goals.

Our professionals are here to give sound advice tailored to your business. They also rely on their knowledge of what makes a business successful across numerous industries.

If you need help understanding your taxes, we help with that task. We will walk you through all the steps of preparing or filing your taxes. If your business receives an IRS audit, we will show you what to do to make the process as smooth as possible.

Save Time and Money

Managing your accounts on your own can be time-consuming and tedious. Hoarding receipts and invoices while tracking expenses gets overwhelming quickly. Furthermore, every hour you spend digging for records can mean lost income.

Our firm saves you precious time by automating your bookkeeping and watching your expenses. We check your cash flow and record changes as we see them.

We also help you save substantial money by budgeting and managing your inventory. We even know how to spot ways for your business to save money. As a result, we’ll help you cut costs or eliminate unnecessary purchases.

Numerico | Your Local Michigan Tax Advisory Firm

As you’ve learned, you can greatly benefit from hiring our Michigan tax advisory firm. At Numerico, we strive to make accounting about people, not numbers. Our client-focused mindset sets us apart from other advisory firms.

When searching for a “business CPA near me,” trust Numerico to expertly handle your business accounting.

Contact us today at (313) 278-8030. We’re eager to help you start your journey to easier business accounting.

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