Holiday Decorations…Budget Buster or Family Cheer?

Holiday decorations are out and they are better than ever! Every store I go to has something that would look awesome in my home. This includes home improvement, department, grocery stores and even the pharmacy. This is without even trying! If you go to Christmas Markets, craft shows or anyplace like that the selection will be ten-fold.

Keep Your Holiday Decorations In Budget

When I set up my December Budget I allotted myself some spending money for decorations. We like to add a few things each year and last year we moved, so new things are even more tempting. I found myself wanting to go way over budget, but I stuck to my guns and I am proud of that. I looked for sales and passed over things that weren’t spectacular. We made sure to save a bit of my budget for the day after Christmas. One of our family traditions is to go buy cards, wrapping paper and the like for 75% off that day!

Grow Your Collection With Care

When I shop for decorations to add to my collection, I stay within a theme and a color scheme I already have. My husband likes snowmen and I like fancy things like crystal ornaments. I make sure my new purchases fit in with what I have. It is easy to impulse buy at this time of year, but I always check the quality of the items. It is important to insure your things will last for many years so I look at the fasteners, hooks and joints of anything I pick out. After all, they spend 10 months of the year packed up!

Pay Cash & Keep Your Values In Mind

Like any other shopping, cash is KING. Paying cash is the best way to insure you have no regrets when you are packing up your holiday decorations. Remember not to compare yourselves to friends, neighbors or family members. It is easy to get caught up in a “keeping up” mentality, but it is completely unnecessary. Live by your values and let your holiday decorations collection bring you joy and love for years to come!

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