Simple Ways To Save Your Family Money – Part 1

There are few things I love more than saving money! In this day and age I think it is easier than ever. It’s also something we all pretty much have in common. I don’t have any friends or family that disagree…the more we save, the better off we are. In fact, I have found so many simple ways to save over the last year, that I am going to reveal them in two blog posts instead of just one!

My First Five Simple Ways To Save Your Family Money

  1. Shop Used: I have found so many ways to shop for gently used items! The internet makes it easier than ever. Between Facebook Marketplace, Buy/Sell/Trade groups and online thrift stores…the sky is the limit. Always remember to take into consideration if there is real value in something being brand new. Honestly, there usually isn’t!
  2. Workout At Home: Skip the gym and that membership that often has annual fees, Work out at home or outdoors with simple to no equipment. It is so simple to find workouts and entire videos online if you like to follow along. You also save the time and gas it takes driving to the gym and back!
  3. Stick To Cash: Obviously if you stick to spending cash, you avoid costly fees and interest and the hassle of monthly payments. You also take the risk out and easily avoid debt. In addition, I feel that I spend less when I use cash…an added bonus!
  4. Buy Discounted Gift Cards: Sometimes I get lucky and a store or restaurant I frequent has a promotion and I can stock up on discounted gift cards. In the past, I have used the following tactic when making large purchases…say a television or a piece of furniture. Before I go to buy I check online marketplaces and sometimes people are looking to unload large gift cards for cash at a discount. Say $250 cash for a $300 gift card. There are also online marketplaces specifically for buying used gift cards.
  5. Utilize Your Local Library: People have told me that this is boring or old-fashioned, but I don’t care! I had gotten so used to swiping every time I wanted a new book. That $9-$15 each time adds up throughout the year. I really enjoy taking some time for myself and going to the library in my community. I plan to use it even more in 2018.

In Closing…

Stay tuned for five MORE simple ways to save money tomorrow!

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