Team Member Recognition At Your Company

Team member recognition is so important. It is one of the easiest and best ways to keep your employees happy and motivated. Best of all, it is one of few things in life that is FREE. We have a choice everyday on how we make our employees feel…why not make them feel appreciated?

There are many ways to incorporate team member recognition into your small business. Today we will go over a few ways to make this a part of your work’s culture. A great work culture has a positive impact on every single person that comes into contact with your company. This includes guests, customers, delivery personnel and so on!

It Comes From The Top – Team Member Recognition

The simplest way to get this started is to make it a point today. Don’t wait for a sit-down or formal review to tell someone they did a great job. Incorporate it into your conversation on a regular basis. The employee doesn’t need to do something ground-breaking. It could be as simple as a great conversation you overheard them having with a client. Catching a mistake before it became a problem. A small increase in sales or productivity. A little encouragement and showing that you notice great behavior encourages continued improvement.

Awards And Presentations – Team Member Recognition

Quarterly or annually you could hold an awards ceremony. This could be on whatever scale works for you. Maybe it is just a catered lunch or maybe you take your team out to dinner. You could make or buy certificates or put together small gifts. You could have some smaller achievement and also some bigger awards. This takes a bit of planning, but you don’t need to focus on how grand it is. It’s really just about recognizing accomplishments, focusing on your company’s values and spreading the love!

Driving Recognition In Your Culture – Team Member Recognition

When you focus on recognizing others, you show them how to approach accomplishments and behaviors in your company even when you aren’t around. When people know they are appreciated they often work smarter, harder and have a better attitude. This sets the right example for the rest of your team and all of your future employees too!

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